Circle shaped painting  is a unique art piece that will impress and give you all the vibes #Love #Wonder #Happiness

  • Size: 24"x24"x0.5"
  • Carved wood circle painting
  • A meaningful wall art you will be proud to own as it truly is one of its kind
  • We don't make duplicates
  • We use the finest material and premium paints
  • We carve only ecologically clean and refurbished wood
  • A meaningful wall art is a perfect gift for yourself or for your loved one
  • All orders include free worldwide shipping
  • Artwork ships within 3-5 days
  • The uniqueness in our art pieces is that no one piece is similar to another, You can rest assured that you won't walk into your neighbors' house and see the same unique piece. 

Unlike fast art factories that print thousands a day, Studio Pacific produces each one-of-a-kind art piece by hand. You can tailor-make any painting by choosing any color scheme to fit your interior by selecting the paint colors for a personalized piece to match your interior. Just fill out our customized art form HERE or by emailing us directly at 

Blossom Circle Painting

$520.00 Regular Price
$468.00Sale Price