Sands, surf, and sun. Bring that feeling home with this one-of-a-kind piece paying homage to a passion which so many hold dear. WARNING: might bring intense feelings of happyness.

  • Size:18"x70"x1"
  • Carved wood surfboard
  • Hand painted with a high gloss finish
  • A meaningful wall art you will be proud to own as it truly is one of it's kind
  • We don't make duplicates
  • The uniqueness in our art pieces is that no one piece is similar to another, You can rest assured that you won't walk into your neighbors' house and see the same unique piece. 
  • All orders include free worldwide shipping
  • Artwork ships within 3-5 days
  • We use the finest material and premium paints
  • We carve only ecologically clean and refurbished wood

Elevate your walls with brand new wall décor from STUDIO PACIFIC. Exclusive one-of-a-kind Statement art that adds style to your home like you've always dreamt of. All orders include fast & free shipping! Complete any look with the perfect décor that is made only in 1 exclusive piece. No duplicates: these are not prints and we happily ship for free! Don't worry, your neighbor won't have this piece! For a custom piece, consult our CUSTOM ORDER page and fill out the form for a truly unique work of art.

Sienna Surfboard Art Painting

    • 7 day money back guarantee 
  • Free worldwide shipping